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Week 5 Day 5 Bead Bar Consultant Checkpoint

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Essay Preview: Week 5 Day 5 Bead Bar Consultant Checkpoint

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The Bead Bar has five franchises, six studios, Bead Bar on Board, and wants to take the company global by establishing a website. I would recommend the Enterprise DBMS, specifically Oracle’s Database 11g. Enterprise DBMS’s are for businesses that have multiple locations and store large amounts of data. The databases that are developed using the database management systems applications serve many functions.

The Bead Bar needs a DBMS that addresses the following:

1. Identifying trends/better understanding of the business

2. Schedule/management of employees and employee benefits

3. Integration with franchisees (offer more services and increase royalties)

4. Track sales leads

5. Record transactions, accounting, creating financial statements, audits

6. Customer information (data mining to find marketing trends)

7. Inventory management/ automatic re-ordering

The Oracle Database 11g has the capacity to handle these concerns. “It delivers this leading performance, scalability, security, and reliability on a choice of clustered or single-server running Windows, Linux, and UNIX” (Oracle, 2008). “It can handle detailed transaction processing, business intelligence, and content management applications” (Oracle, 2008). It also has a unique feature built in that protects data from server failure, site failure, human error, and planned downtime is reduced.

The Bead Bars DBMS should use a distributed enterprise database. In a distributed enterprise database each of the locations will have either the parts of the database they require or the entire database. The distributed enterprise database will allow shared information (such as sales reports and inventory levels) and automatic pricing set by the main store. In addition, if one system crashes, it will not affect the others.

In addition, the Bead Bar should use a relational model database. This type of database will allow a different use for each system based on the needs of the users.

Oracle Database 11g contains an option that enables users to track business trends and find patterns hidden within their



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