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Websites on Issues Relating to Death & Dying

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Essay Preview: Websites on Issues Relating to Death & Dying

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Websites on Issues Relating To Death & Dying

The web can be as useful or meaningless as you want it to be. I have found it to be a wealth of resources when it comes to needing information on anything. I guess part of that depends on whether or not a person can decipher between sites that are credible, and sites that are not. I have compiled ten sites that I have either known about through my personal experience as an active member in the death care industry, or through using simple search engine words to obtain sites that would pique my interest. In each web site description, I will mention what words I used in the search engine, if needed.

I really didn't know what to use for search words other than the very common words death, dying, and bereavement. I finally got to where I would go to websites that I didn't particularly care for, but had found links to the ones I did like and find interesting and useful. I finally got a little bit more creative while browsing through the sites, giving me different ideas on different key words to use to give me variety in my search. I used AOL (who has keywords) and Google. This is a web site I have known about through general knowledge because of my experience in funeral service. It is very informative and educative in the fields of death. It was last updated in 2002. ADEC, The association for Death Education and Counseling is a site that has information for the consumer to information to the professional. They offer the Certificate in Thanatology, for grief counselors. I found this site as a link at, under Grief Resources link. The Kansas Funeral Directors and Embalmer's Association is a website familiar to me. It has several general information areas for the professional as well as the general public. The Kansas State Board of Mortuary Arts. Another website I know very well. This site has all the state laws that govern funeral directors, embalmers, care and disposal of the deceased, and any other K.S.A. that might be applicable to this subject. There is also licensing information on every individual and every funeral home in the state. There is also a section for the general public, a Q and A of sorts as well. This is the Project on Death in America website. The website itself is a very interesting website. It is full of various information any where from aging to assisted suicide to pain management to Hospice. It has a lot of media resources, reports, & even scholarship information. An Introduction to Death & Dying. This website actually quotes quite a bit from our textbook, but I liked the ease of getting around on the website as well as the author calling it an Ð''e-book'. It is very thorough in explaining things without overwhelming the reader. The author is Rev. Howard Gorle, BA, M.Div., copyright 2002.



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