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Web 2.0 Questionnaire

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Essay Preview: Web 2.0 Questionnaire

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Web 2.0 Questionnaire

Prepared by:

Osman Khalid Javed



The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather information for the fulfillment of my Master’s thesis “Using Web 2.0 as a catalyst to develop a supply chain management framework for B2B commerce in order to sustain a niche market” as part my graduation requirement in UCTI University.  For reference, my student ID number is TP022393. This questionnaire will aid me in gathering relevant information in order to achieve my goal. I humbly request that you give the time to answer all the questions as diligently as possible. If you would wish instead to schedule an interview, I would be happy to oblige.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me via email or phone if you have any questions or concerns.


Cell: 0129350771 (day, night)

Or, you may contact my supervisor via email

Mr. Naresh Kumar


Return Address

Upon completion, please email the questionnaire back to with the subject of the email : Returning Questionnaire 


All information will be treated as private & confidential. The answers of this questionnaire will not be published in the thesis, only the evaluated framework will be published. A blank sample of this questionnaire will be published in the thesis, along with the number of respondents. The disclosure of your company name is not required. All of the questions asked do not require any specifics in regard to your company name, location, or any other such details.

This questionnaire is divided into the following question sections:

1.        Business Applicability        3

2.        Market        4

3.        Target Audience        5

4.        Risks        6

5.        Offerings and Features        7

6.        Messages        8

  1. Business Applicability

A.        What is the nature of your business? (What needs does your business meet in the marketplace?)

        (2–3 sentences)

Academic Educational business

Meets the demand of good educational quality with good price

B.        What services and/or products do you provide?

        (1 paragraph)

Education quality

In house Training for software engineering objects

Teach all related software engineering and multimedia subjects

Provide short course programming and design

Industrial training for multimedia and software engineering

  1. What are your business objectives over the next two years? Be as specific as possible, and make sure to address the following goals:
  • Number of customers
  • Key performance indicators
  • Communication/Information Exchange
  • Market share

Next 2 years number of customer should be around 5000

D.        To what extent is swift information sharing and communication important for your business?

  1. Market
  1. What is the market opportunity? What is the market size? Be sure to look at market size with respect to geography and to industry.
  1. How can implementing a social networking infrastructure for communication and information sharing sustain your market share?
  1. With respect to social networking, what are the key industry trends that are fueling your success? What industry trends can inhibit your success?
  1. What is the economic climate now and in the next couple of years? How do you feel implementation of Social Networking applications shape the economic climate for your business?
  1. Is your business or market affected by business cycles or seasons? If so, describe how it is affected.

  1. Target Audience
  1. What market segments are you targeting (list segment name and characteristics)? What segments are you not targeting?
  1. What kind of audience are you targeting? What are its members' demographics and psychographics (for example, what keeps them awake at night, including both fears and opportunities)? List multiple audiences in order of priority.

C.        What is your customer’s primary reason for buying or wanting to use your product or service?

D.        Why would someone prefer your offering versus that offered by the competition? (You might want to answer the section on competition and then come back to this question.)

E.        Are there any issues or concerns that the target audience might have regarding this type of product or service being migrated online?

  1. Risks

A.        What categories of competition threaten your success? Label each category, and identify its key characteristics. Prioritize the categories from greatest to least threatening.



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