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Web Design

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.0 Title

"Investigate a current multimedia/Internet technique"

2.0 Terms of Reference

European Sales Engineer with JS Controls has been approached by the Sales Director Lucy Smith to investigate the conversion of the company's catalogue (published in 4 languages) to CD format.

The report will analyse the following areas:

* Present businesses/homes which have Computers

* Cost of producing the Catalogue.

* Updating the catalogue with the amendments twice yearly.

* Production in 4 languages.

3.0 Introduction

Due to the current growth within multimedia techniques, European Sales Engineer has requested that an investigation be made into the conversion of placing the company's catalogue on to CD format.

The catalogue used by JS Controls is currently a 40-page catalogue. Giving the customer details of the company and products it sells. The catalogue is the main resource used to sell the companies products.

The report looks at the production and cost of producing both the CD and Catalogue. Giving the advantages and disadvantages of entering into the world of multimedia. Looking at how other companies have developed using multimedia techniques. Investigate and decide the best option for JS Controls to develop, to create a more cost-effective production of the company's catalogue.

4.0 Procedures

In order to obtain relevant information the following procedures were adopted:

* Research current catalogue productions.

* Sourced relevant articles from Industry related Web Sites and Publications.

* Acquired CD format catalogues from rival companies.

3.0 Findings


A data CD (CD-R80) can hold 681Mb of information on one CD-ROM.

Facts: One sector holds 2048 bytes of DATA.

The DATA Transfer-rate (single speed) is 150 Kbytes/second = 153600 bytes/second.

A new larger CD-ROM is to be introduced the CD-R99

To achieve the 99 minutes two known methods are used:

* The CD-R spiral, which starts on the inside and ends on the outer part of the CD, is now even wound closer together, this method was also used to create CD-R80 media.

* The CD-R is usually oversized which results in an extra 4 minutes extra space.


DVD is a high capacity optic media and will replace CD-ROM and laser disks in the future. There are various different types of DVD. A single layer DVD can hold 4.7GB. A dual layered DVD-9 disk holds upto 8.5GB. The dual sided DVD are named DVD-10 holding upto 9.4GB and DVD-18 can hold a staggering 17GB. Although the DVD can hold a large amount of information not many homesoffices have DVD players attached to their computers. Although this maybe the future at the moment more homes have CD-ROM players built into their computers as standard than a DVD player. DVD are more expensive to produce than CD-ROM.


The government in May 2001 has produced a report the First e-commerce survey of business. The report shows a survey of how many offices and homes have computers giving access to the Internet.

E-commerce has had a huge impact on the way businesses operate. Due to E-commerce businesses have the potential to lead growth in trade, increase markets, improve efficiency and effectiveness and transform business processes.



The New Saturn IIP all in one CD Duplication system features high-speed duplication with built in Colour CD printing. With a 150-disc autoloading mechanism you can start a duplication job and walk away. The initiative user interface gives you access to advanced duplication functions. The built in hard drive stores duplication functions Multiple label designs can be stored and recalled with the touch of a button. The integrated Signature printer



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