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War on Drugs Speech

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10 April 2002


The following speech is to be presented to the youth of America currently enrolled as High School Students. The topic of the War on Drugs directly coincides with the War on Terrorism. In order to stop terrorism, the funding through drugs must be stopped. The presenter will be using first person speech to make for a more personable presentation.

On September 11th the United States became the victim of terrorism on our own shores. Many of you here are very aware of the Al Queda by now, and the name of Osama bin Laden has become a household term. I come to you today with a request for your support to help me fight the War on Terrorism along with me. We must first start by hitting the terrorist where it counts, which is their bank account that is funded by drug money.

We must come together and stop the use of drugs in order to stop these acts of terrorism from occurring around the world. According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, "Drug use hurts our families and our communities. It also finances our enemies," (Walters). I come to you today as an ally against the War on Drugs. With your help, together, we can stop the drug funding of terrorist organizations right here in your own neighborhood.

Accomplishing this mission will require the help from every individual in this room. No one here is insignificant when it comes to the mission of fighting the War on Drugs and ending terrorism. Even if you have never experimented with drugs yourself, your help is needed to stop others from funding terrorism through the use of drugs.

In order to accomplish this, all I need from you is to pay attention to what is going on in front of your house, to the left of your house, and to the right of your house. Be aware of what type of activities my be going on right next-door or down the street. I am not condoning a house-to-house search by any means, but I condoning a house-to-house awareness. If you suspect that unlawful activities are occurring, then take that step of courage of immediate action.

Report any drug activity to your school, local law enforcement, or directly to your governor or congressman. Do not try and confront any type of drug activity alone, let the law enforcement fight the drug users, drug dealers, and the terrorism that they sponsor. Many of these types



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