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Walmart Supply Chain Systems

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Essay Preview: Walmart Supply Chain Systems

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Prakhara Kumar

Professor Simon Croom

Supply Chain Systems

4 February 2017


With the ever-growing development, supply chain network plays a vital role to maintain the sustainability of the company. Through this paper we intend to provide the framework of supply chain of large scale grocery store ‘WALMART’ and create series of studies that can help company to grow in future.

Walmart stores is a multinational retail store corporation with their stores operating in more than 27 countries and their products manufactured from more than 70 countries. The company is known for their low cost best quality products. It started with a single store and has grown up into such a large network of retail stores. Headquarter is situated at Bentonville, AR, consisting of 2.3 million employees, and creates a business of $ 489.5billion. In the last 10 years, the company has grown up to be the largest and arguably the most powerful retailer. To reduce cost and increase prices, the company relies on latest technology that records the track inventory and automatically restores the stock.

In this analysis, we will be considering their supply chain – Location, Degree of Vertical Integration, Capacity Strategy, Manufacturing, Marketing and Logistics. Also, we would be studying the detailed strategic performance and their objective, they have aimed for the future. Through this study we will be critically analyzing the Walmart supply chain management and understand their market performance. We will be taking into account their global strategies and networking.

We would be analyzing how and why company is able to deliver the products at such a nominal cost. We would be studying in great detail how the technology helps the company to operate in the most efficient method. Moreover, we will try to study the problems faced by the company in their ecommerce business, home delivery business, compared to their opponents like Amazon and the likes. Towards the end of the study we would try to suggest the improvements that would create more efficient business as well as help them to grow more, understanding the opportunities making their way in the future.



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