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Computer Service Supply Chain Management System

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Essay Preview: Computer Service Supply Chain Management System

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Computer Service Supply Chain Management System

Computer Service Company was able to develop a supply chain management system that takes care of the company's process and procedures, such as finances, information, labor resources, and flow of materials. The supply chain management SCM team develops the plan to ensure an efficient production process and service and to deliver it in a proper time manner to the client.

Supply chain management at the company maintains the monitoring of synchronized movement of all logistics steps, starting from the component provider to the manufacture process, the resellers, and the delivery to the clients.

The philosophy of the supply chain management SCM team of Computer Service is to solve the problems related to inventory reduction, production time management, and efficient manufacture and delivery of products. The main goal of the team is to move the products and information around fast to survive and compete with the competitors, while most organizations now have the right tools to do the operations at a much faster rate.

A basic supply chain management system has five components:

1- Plan: is the strategic part of supply chain management. It is the strategy that any organization needs for managing the resources that enable the organization meet client's demand for the products or services. Computer Service and Sale develops a plan that is different than the traditional one in the inventory side. Traditionally, the company maintains the inventory, but due to the recent rapid rate of technological change, prices of items fall over time, shortened product life cycle, and to the success of the Just-in-Time philosophy of materials management. Computer Service puts a great deal of effort into making the inventory of items as low as possible or necessary.

2- Source: is the next step that organizations take to be able to produce or services, then to make the right plans to deliver it to the end user. Then supply chain management SCM should price the products including the delivery charges and payment processes with suppliers. Supply chain management SCM has to create and develop the proper metrics for monitoring and improving logistics relationships. After that the managers will set up the process for managing their products and service inventory, this process usually includes shipments receiving and verification, then transferring the components to the manufacturing plants and in the end to authorize supplier payment. Computer Service usually negotiate the deal with it s long-term suppliers whereby the price of important component decreases from one quarter to the other. The previous steps make Computer Service a successful company as they are able to develop a good agreement with the suppliers.

3- Make: is the manufacturing step. In this step Supply Chain Management SCM schedule process and procedures for production, testing the products, packaging and preparing for shipments. The company was able to develop a system that will control the production process, that this department will start their procedure right away after the order placed and confirmed by the financial department, and most of the time this department will finish the assign order before the due date, a procedure that make most Computer Service customer happy with the service that they get as they get it before the deadline.

4- Deliver: is the logistic step, where organizations manage the receipt of orders from the clients, develop a network of facilities as warehouses, choose carriers to



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