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Voice of the People

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In the letter to the editor appearing in the Herald Sun on 2-02-2005, Judith Rona argued that the suicide bombers and the insurgents are anti-freedom fighters. Rona's tone of voice was frustrated and condescending. Her audience would appear to be anyone that thinks the insurgents in Iraq are freedom fighters. Rona does not show any background but is, giving us the content of her letter, obviously biased against the insurgents.

Rona opens her letter by using an assumption question when she states, 'The Iraqi people have spoken, loudly and unequivocally'. Assumption question works by assuming what they think is wrong or right but in this case they think insurgents are not freedom fighters they are anti-freedom fighters.

Rona continues her letter by using an attacking opposition, when she states, 'The suicide bombers and gunmen labeled "insurgents" are not freedom fighters but anti-freedom fighters'. Attacking opposition is like trying to prove the other side wrong but in this case it would be to bring things straight with the freedom and anti-freedom fighters.

Rona finishes her letter by using an emotive language, when she states, 'The only surprise was that anybody ever suggested otherwise'. Emotive language is designed to appeal to people's feelings, so they respond emotionally but this time it was from the heart, which others didn't think or bother about.

The predominant style of Judith Rona's writing seems to be assumptions. We can see this through 'The Iraqi people have spoken, loudly and unequivocally'. In generally Rona uses emotive to achieve these effects. These devices are generally assumption, emotive or attacking opposition and are used to prove stuff that people haven't notice about.



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