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Visual Reflection Essay

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Visual reflection                                                          By: Hailey P

        To whom ever finds this, save yourself and others around you. We are not safe anymore.        They say we are unable to connect with species that are not our own, it is said to be impossible and never to be tried for if we do bad things will come upon us. We believe otherwise, it is rather more fascinating to be around those of different natures than it is to be around those like us. It is said to be illegal to do things on our own for they do not count, they will not be classified as anything important. Although the funny thing is, is that no one has ever broken that law, the higher ups would not know what to do if they received knowledge of my plans. Were we live everyone is alike no two people are different, we dress the same and we wear the same masks on out faces the only difference between man is the arrangement of numbers on their back. We can no longer live in a world of plain black and white contrasts, it is intoxicating to live like this. We want to live and feel alive, there is so little to do in this metaphorical bubble of existence. They keep us locked up in this isolated world they claim to be “Heaven”.  It is solely unfeasible to break the law for there is always people watching us, we can not nor will not get caught for worse will happen to us. This is why we must leave tomorrow at dawn, we need to escape this place they call a community. We are forbidden to know about places outside of our own, but we found a book that shows the world. We now know that the higher ups have lied to us we can no longer trust them, they said there is no other world beyond our own. The book said there are places with water that’s called the ocean and that it is filled with different species were no two are the same. This is why we must leave we no longer belong in this bubble of like people, we need to be free of them and become our own person. For we are going crazy being stuck in this black and white world, we need a world that includes grey. The book showed others like us, although they were not they did not have masks covering their faces and they did not dress like we do. We found a beautiful thing in this book, we want to be there and to do exactly like the people in this thing called a photograph. For they are doing something you call diving and it is with other species unlike man. It is explained in the book that they wear lots of gear so they can breathe under water, they dive deep and explore the ocean to find new things. We have never seen or heard of these creatures, the book says they are called Humpback whales. We must go there and see the beautiful creatures we were hidden from. We do not understand why they have hidden the outside world from us, we will go to this place in the book and find the people who get to dive in the ocean. We do not know how this diving thing works and we are afraid to see new things but we must go, for we want to be one with these new creatures. We need to be close to them, we can no longer continue living knowing there is others left in this world. We will no longer live as one who has no ideas or values of our own, we will not, we need to be alive. I must live as myself and explore what is beyond my eyes and beyond my knowledge.



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