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Reflective Essay

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Throughout the summer semester I have had to write a number of essays

using a variety of techniques. Before college, I would write assuming that the

only reader, or audience, would be my teacher. Composition helped me realize

the many steps that are involved in the writing process from free writing to

making a final copy. In order to create a good paper you need organize your

ideas. Also, I realize what needs to be in a essay and what doesn't.

I have improved in my writing but organization has been my problem,

and even though I've made a progress. I still be live I have not fully succeed on

this area but I'm going to improve on it. The process of using multiple drafts has

improved me to over look on my mistakes. Before I would never go back and

have someone else to revise on my papers. The most valuable lesson I have

learned about the writing process this semester is mostly editing and revising

drafts to lead to a perfect final paper. Able to write on college level, I am going

let other people revise my papers. Then I can improve myself as a writer.

My favorite assignments was the rhetoric and advertising because it was

something I have never done before. I found that describing the same scene in

different circumstances was difficult because they all had a similar scene. I be

live for something I have never done before I have accomplish this task. Even

though I was not a good speaker, while advertising our product. I think it was a

fun assignment to do because we got to advertise a product and give the

details that we used. Using persuasive techniques has made a changed in my

writing because you can say something you said before and transfer it to your


One of the techniques I am going



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