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Varun Nagar Agricultural Cooperative Society

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Essay Preview: Varun Nagar Agricultural Cooperative Society

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Case Study Report on Varun Nagar Agricultural Cooperative Society

The Current Situation

The Varun Nagar Agricultural Cooperative Society(VNACS) has drawn an overdraft of Rs. 5 Lakh from the Bank. The Society has 100 tons of paddy in storage along with a cash balance of Rs. 5 Lakh. Also, there is a special discount on purchase of fertilizer at present.

The Problem

The VNACS owe Rs. 5 Lakh both to the Bank (plus interest) and its members separately. To keep the trust and goodwill of all the stakeholders a decision must be made on whether to store or sell the paddy, depending on which the option to buy fertilizers or not is another issue.

Alternative Solutions

                                                                                                                                                       [pic 1][pic 2][pic 3][pic 4][pic 5][pic 6][pic 7][pic 8][pic 9][pic 10]


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