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Varied Development

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Varied Development

People have come a long way, particularly because there was no depending on hunting and gathering to get fed. Agriculture has allowed people settle and stay fed. The motive to continue to improve ways to do it have gotten civilizations farther and farther advanced technologically. Developing various methods for these things to not always require outside influence. The Mesoamerica's and the Chinese in the Post-Classical era both developed various agricultural tools and methods to improve it and they each effected themselves in different and common ways. Their location, climate and other various factors are what made their methods and techniques differ.

The Aztecs are known for the method in which they developed. Chinampas are what they are known for, which are these large islands of mud used in order to increase agricultural production, "This method was to create chinampas, the so called Ð''floating gardens'. The chinampa was, in reality, a small artificial island, made from scooping up mud from the marshy borders of the lakes." (Vaillant 136). They were very unique and the way in which they were made and used was unseen in the world until this time. They were starting to be used around 1150 C.E., and made more people rely on them, thus making small societies develop around them.

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On the other hand, China was advancing in other ways. They had agriculture as well, but the soil there was not as fertile as that as the ones that were in the Americas. They had to rely on agriculture from other places, usually places farter west. In order to get them. They were able to make this work even though it was difficult by making a complicated and organized trade route. It was called the Silk Road and was hard to maintain due to war and conflict along the lines, as Nancarrow states, "They wanted both to prevent the enemy from invading China, and to protect the trade route which was growing between China and the West." (44).

Both the Chinese and the Aztecs used their own ingenuity in order to make life for them of more progress and success. The Tools and trade routes in China made their Silk Road like no other trading route in the world at that time, exchanging their luxury items for essentials needed to survive. The Aztecs took advantage of their large



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