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Vampires World (a Dystopia)

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When the world ended the rest of the world fell away and here I was dealing with this fucking virus. You know the designer virus, these millionaires must have really loved these twilight movies. All those movies and T.V. shows glamorized being a Vampire, I don’t or can’t ever understand it. They must have been fascinated by living forever, but mortality is what breeds morality and humanity. That hypothesis was definitely confirmed the minute they dropped that stupid virus.

The one percenters and the Rats are infected. The rats are the crazy ones, from the clinical study days. They wanted our 23rd-century vampire to be invincible and that required testing. Most of the Rats are seen as less than the regular vamps they’re crazier because the clinical trials attracted pot heads, meth heads, and anybody looking for fast cash. The rich, the world’s greatest minds, and the scientists are the ones who can earn immortality. The rest of us are kind of like human blood bags. I mean that’s what they call us. If someone tries to fight back, they’re killed instantly no matter what you’re blood type is. You fall in line and don’t talk back if you want to live.

Now most of us know about the virus but not many know that most of the world was vaccinated. Someone needs to be the prey, it was out of necessity they told everyone. I am not one of the lucky few, which is why we’re standing in an eight-hour-long line to give a pint of blood. On your tenth birthday, you report to your local blood bank and register to give your blood every six weeks until you die or get Chosen. As the world broke in half and the Vampires drank their way to top. Lots of things changes, but there was still a normal. Humans still go to school and have ‘normal’ lives unless you’re chosen. You’re picked to be a Chosen by blood type, and if someone is chemically changed by yours. Most of the Vamps were addicts as humans, and immortality can’t cure that, mostly just changes their drug of choice. Instead of crack its AB positive, and there are blood dealers everywhere.

Any rare or ‘special’ blood types are on the top of the Chosen list. Sold to the highest vamp bidder. There are families who breed the best Chosen and sell them off. Their children. They say a Vamp bite is the best pain you’ll ever feel.



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