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Unv0104 Information Literacy Skills Assignment

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Essay Preview: Unv0104 Information Literacy Skills Assignment

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Natalie Millien



Jacob Aroz

It is conceivable that information literacy is a must among the continuous technological changes, therefore we must have a foundation for learning in this contemporary environment. Without information literacy skills being used for academic purposes, such as finding information to write a research paper or for group presentations you could not produce accurate information, and this may cause confusion. If they are used for the work place it gives you the ability to find, evaluate, and share your information and this is an essential skill. So, in my personal evaluation of my abilities to communicate I will show how I will apply my knowledge and strengths in my field of study, and the areas of opportunity that allow me to work on my communication skills.

If communication is poor, it can be damaging to individuals’ relationships and their overall productivity. Providing strong communication and accurate information in a way the recipient understands and can make use of. Often when there is a failure considering the message and what the medium is, can cause weak communication among all parties involved. The strengths I utilize in communicating consist of listening to what the individual is saying to me and analyzing the situation, so I can respond with an appropriate well though out clear response. Talking face to face demonstrates more compassion and respect in communication allowing everyone to be able to read the others body language and the tone of there voice, but I find that in many situations I respond more effectively through message.

Listening is my strength of communication, as I am doing so I also analyze the situation in my head so that I will have an appropriate response to the situation at hand. This will be a good asset that I bring to my field of study to be a social worker because I must have the ability to listen and analyze so I can get a perspective of how to accurately deal with any given scenario. I also have the strength of writing and this is because I go over my work to make sure that the information is in detail and that it will be easily comprehended by the recipient as to what I am saying. When writing a message, it is very important to watch your communication skills and use the proper etiquette, so the receiver does not interpret it wrong.

I have a difficult time having a face to face conversation, it is hard for me to keep my attention on the individual I am speaking with and to be able to comprehend the conversation at hand. This is one of my biggest problems and that is why I prefer messaging I can have a moment to read the message and to go over my response after I have written it and know that makes sense to the reader. I have made myself engage in more conversations face to face so that I can practice my communication skills with other individuals and it has helped I am starting to learn ways to keep my attention on the conversation and still be able to produce an intelligent response.



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