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Understanding Strategic Forces

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Essay Preview: Understanding Strategic Forces

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Understanding Strategic Forces

Recently, a local middle school principle was forced to resign because of a deteriorating culture, declining student academic scores, and disgruntled parents. Mr. J.B. Davison and Mrs. Jerry Popovich are the strongest of all the candidates' interviewed for the new Principal position and each of them brings their own set of unique talents to the table.

Mr. Davison is 55 years old and holds a doctorate in education administration, including both a B.A. and Master's degree in education (Nahavandi, 2009, p. 255). Through conservative and traditional approaches he has successfully served as principal for two other schools in the past by instilling basic academic skills, discipline, and encouraging success (Nahavandi, 2009, p. 255). Based on the six strategic forces types, Mr. Davison's leadership type would lean towards a status quo guardian (SQG) based on his need for control and his strategies tend to be low risk (Nahavandi, 2009, p. 255).

On the other hand, Mrs. Jerry Popovich is 40 years old, has served as an assistant principle and is currently a principle for a middle school on the West Coast. She holds a Master's degree and Ph.D. in education administration (Nahavandi, 2009, p. 255). In addition, she has an undergraduate degree in computer science and prior to teaching science and math, she has worked in the computer industry for several years. Based on the six strategic forces types, Mrs. Popovich's leadership type would lean towards a participative innovator (PI) based on her desire to seek out challenges and innovation (Nahavandi, 2009, p. 255).

In rationalizing the best fit for the position, Mrs. Popovich has the upper hand based on the current issues the school is faced with. Her leadership type supports diversity, does not require control, and delegates responsibility to the rest of the team by utilizing his or her talents. Whereas Mr. Davison's leadership type does not seek new and innovative strategies of which the school is in desperate need. Based on each of the candidate's leadership traits, the following Strategic Forces worksheet was developed by the school board to choose the best candidate for the position:

Strategic Forces worksheet:

Strategic Forces J. B. Davison Jerry Popovich

Environment Mr. Davison's conservative views



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