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Uml Review

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In the following paper, I will explain what a UML is. I will also explain how a UML relates to the design of a database. The UML is the standard visual modeling language. The UML is the standard of the Object Modeling Group. There are various problems that developers run into and solutions to these problems. But in solution to these problems, I will explain how the UML allows business teams a standard language and common platform.

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is the standard visual modeling language for Object-Oriented systems development. Its been criticized for its complexity and inconsistent semantics. In recent years separate modeling methods have emerged to form a combined analysis and design technique, which is Unified Modeling Language. UML has been criticized for being overly complex and the complexity metrics have proven this. If the UML that people learn and use does not make use of all the constructs all the time, then perhaps it is not all that complex after all.

The UML makes use of an Object-Oriented approach to designing databases using the structural aspect of multi-dimensional database modeling. This multi-dimensional modeling is easily specified by means of a UML class diagram where classes are related through association and shared aggregation relationships. The flexibility and the power of the UML and all the semantics required for proper multi-dimensional conceptual modeling lie in the many-to-many relationships between facts and particular dimensions, multiple path hierarchies of dimensions, the strictness and completeness of classification hierarchies, and categorization of dimension attributes. Considering these relationships in your approach to UML you'll see it is a very easy-to-use yet powerful concept that represents the main structural and dynamic properties of a multi-dimensional database model making it easy and elegant to understand.

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) has quickly become the standard language used for modeling business and software application needs. Although it is the standard of the Object Modeling Group (OMG), the UML is not just for modeling object-oriented (OO) applications, which you might think from reading the above paragraph. A common misconception is that the UML is intended only for OO development and cannot be used for other types. However, the deeper I dug I was able to find out that UML was designed as a very flexible and customizable language. This allows for many different types of modeling, including models for understanding the business process, workflow of events, sequence of queries, applications, databases, architectures, and more. It is important to understand that a UML model is much more than the set of diagrams. The UML modeling language is defined by a standardized metamodel and diagrams are



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