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Two Israelis Killed, Third Wounded, in West Bank Shooting

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Essay Preview: Two Israelis Killed, Third Wounded, in West Bank Shooting

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Publication title: Al Jazeera

Article title: Two Israelis killed, third wounded, in West Bank shooting

Author: Unnamed

Publication date: 8th October

Article type: News Report

Article summary:

This article revolves around recalling the events of a shooting that occured recently in West Bank. The shooting involved multiple Israelis who were shot by a Palestinian man. There were two deaths, one man and one woman, both Israeli factory workers and around 30 years old. There was also another victim, a 54 year old woman that was badly injured and now in intensive care. In the article it states that the shooter was a Palestinian man, 23 years old who is from a town in in the West Bank by the name of Shuwaikh. There was some context provided about the area where the crime was committed, Barkan. It also stated how Palestinian village entrances were closed by Israeli government. It also mentioned briefly the crimes Israelis have committed against Palestinians in the areas of the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem and Khan al-Ahmar andPalestian Islamic Jihad group called this attack a ‘natural response’ to those crimes.

Article analysis:

Overall this piece is quite neutral, giving both sides to the story as well as ensuring that all the facts are present and stated. However, the biased Al Jazeera has towards Palestine is shown in a few way. For example in the title of the news article it does not state anything about the shooter being of Palestinian descent. In many other news articles that cover the same story, this detail is included in the title as well. Also the image that is shown is not revolving around the people hurt or sympathize towards the Israelis, but rather of the gates around the confiscated land which show a quite harsh and controlling view. Lastly a prominent example of the biased is the fact that the last two paragraphs were about how the Palestinians were justifying the acts. That means that the last thing in the reader's mind is solid and heart wrenching reasoning to why these crimes were committed and makes the criminal's actions seem justified.

Discussion questions: Create two analytical questions about the article to present

to your group and guide your in-class discussion.

  1. How does the image provided show biased towards a certain side?
  2. Are the Palestinians reason behind the attack valid, does the crimes against them justify the murder?



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