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Tv Comm Paper

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Tom Hogan


17 October 2016


For this week’s assignment regarding television, I chose to watch Game of Thrones and The Jersey Shore. While I am an avid fan of Game of Thrones, I could not have been more miserable while watching The Jersey Shore. Throughout both shows, there is a significant presence of sexual and inappropriate content; however, Game of Thrones uses sexual content in a more artistic way, whereas The Jersey Shore utilizes sexual content in a far more lewd manner. In my opinion, the directors of Game of Thrones use sexual content throughout their series very realistically. Although some viewers may feel that the show is far too graphic in it's display of sexual content, the directors have used this content to accurately depict the dynamic of many relationships in a feudalistic society such as that in the television show. Contrary to how sexual content is displayed in Game of Thrones, the dynamic of sexual content within The Jersey Shore is highly risqué and was very shocking. Throughout the episode of Game of Thrones which I watched, there were four particular scenes which I considered to contain sexual content, while The Jersey Shore had at least six.

Without a doubt, the prevalence of sexual content on mainstream media has had an impact on the amount of young adults engaging in sexual acts prematurely. According to sources, "About 20 percent more males and females are having sex today by the age of 18 than they were in the early 1970's. Researchers have made the link to mass media as the cause for this sexual revolution" (Eliassin). The result of sexual content being so frequently displayed on television has normalized sex for many young adults. Exposure to sexual content within media is so common now that many of societies adolescence are engaging in sex at far younger ages than previously in history.

I believe that the FCC has a more relaxed position regarding violence than sexual content for two primary reasons. Foremost, is that in the majority of situations, children are far less interested violence than they are the concept of explicit content. Second, that many children are not receiving proper sexual education young enough today. As technology has evolved to the point that every child has a phone capable of uncensored internet activity, it is imperative that we educate young children on the implications of engaging in premature sexual activity. Therefore, in attempts to lessen the impact which sexual content within the media has on young children, the FCC seeks to censor television as much as they can by law. I believe that the FCC regulations put in place are strong enough and require no further censorship. Whether viewers agree or disagree with the content displayed, I feel it imperative to protect the right to free speech free of unreasonable censorship.

The requirement of minor



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