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Transgenerational Child Rearing

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Essay Preview: Transgenerational Child Rearing

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Transgenerational pattern of child rearing refers to the idea that “family factors are transmitted from generation to generation”. These factors include, but are not limited to, personality characteristics, religious beliefs, value of education, and child rearing techniques. I interpret it to mean that we will raise our children according to how we were raised ourselves in terms of discipline and how we react to certain situations.

Many factors contribute to children becoming aggressive. Among the most important, in my opinion, is how aggressive ones parents’ are. The author offers the modeling theory as a factor also. The child demonstrates behaviors that it leans from their parents. Some aggression may also be due to “inherited predisposition and temperament”. Another factor can be the amount of violence the child is exposed to via the media.

Until reading this article I was completely unaware that corporal punishment was still allowed in some states. I guess since I grew up in New York, where corporal punishment is illegal; the idea is completely foreign to me. I am one hundred percent against corporal punishment in schools, or in the home.

I don’t believe it’s a proper form of punishment for many reasons. First of all, I believe it to be a form of abuse. Being abused in front of peers can be demoralizing, and create low self esteem for the child. Another reason is that the teacher is not being monitored and is free to use corporal punishment on which she chooses, making it very subjective. The teacher may have prejudices against students of a certain gender, race or social class. The teacher may favor one student over another. Another reason I don’t think it should be allowed, is that it is difficult to regulate. You can’t measure how much force a teacher is using on a student, or how much pain is being inflicted.

In conclusion, I just don’t believe using corporal punishment teaches anything of value. There are other ways of teaching right from wrong, like withholding a fun activity, or using a reward system in the classroom. Hitting a child isn’t going to make them to pay attention in class or do their homework or to strive to do well in school. I am glad I didn’t have to endure corporal punishment and hope it becomes illegal



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