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Tootsie Case

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Tootsie Review

The movie I chose was Tootsie. I picked this movie because my parents said it was a good movie and it was made well before I was even born. Tootsie is about a man named Michael Dorsey, he is an out of work actor. He is out of work because he does not work well with directors. He tries to do things his way instead of theirs. His agent does not send him on auditions anymore because of his behavior. His good friend Sandy went on an audition for a soap opera, but she was turned down. Michael decided to dress as an old lady and try to get the part. He got the job. Later he became close to a coworker named Julie. He starting falling in love with her, so he had to stay in character most of the time, so she would not know he was a male. Tootsie shows many different types of relationships. There were friendships, romance, arguments and personality conflicts.

One of the first was Conflict of Explosion, this happened when Michael was on the set and saw how the hospital "doctor" treated women badly, he especially felt the way the director treated Julie was wrong as well. Julie and the Director were in a relationship, but Michael knew of many times the Director had cheated on Julie without her knowing. Michael would not physically fight the doctor and director, he fought with his words, he would find a way to tell what was on his mind and how he felt while he was still in female character as Dorothy Michaels (Tootsie, 1982). It was just a matter of time before Michael could not hold in how he felt any longer, and then he let it go live while filming (Floyd, 2012).

Conflict of trial occurred throughout the movie, but it was clear in the beginning when Michael was talking with his agent about not being sent out on jobs. Michael tried talking to him


in different ways, he tried to convince him he could change, told him he was right and the directors were all wrong, said he was an "improv" actor and was better at making up a script as he went along than following one. In the end his agent did not budge and refused to send him on auditions (Tootsie, 1982).

Conflict of nature happened when Julie, the actress that Michael was falling in love with did nothing wrong, she did nothing to cause a conflict; Michael revealed who he was live on the set of the soap opera. She was instantly mad and hurt by him and she felt betrayed. Her actions and feelings were out of her control. She had no warning or time to prepare for Michael showing who he was (Tootsie, 1982). This act and reaction happened to Julie; she could not have prevented it or controlled on her part (Floyd, 2012).

When Michael actually got the job playing a woman, he started living his life as one. He did not do this to learn more about his character, it was because he was asked to make appearances, and he was friendly with others on the set, so he could not show who he really was. He occasionally went out as himself, but a majority of the time he was dressed as Dorothy (Tootsie, 1982). This was a Conflict of heroic adventure, because it was not a choice for him to dress as a woman because he liked it, he was almost forced



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