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Three Mile Island Case

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5a) If I were on the School Board I would not have agreed

to the issue framed for the arbitrator. I believe that the

issue was not neutral, rather that it favored the

association and Ms. Kimball. Statements in the issue such

as, "...when the grievance absented herself from work for

illness...", support Kimball's argument. In the Position of

the School District section of the handout, the School Board

states that when Kimball called in to report the absence she

simply informed the district "that she would not be in." In

my opinion, this should have replaced the prior statement of

her calling out "due to illness".

I also think that the School Board should not have

agreed to the issue starting with the question "Was the

School District wrong..." this automatically influences the

arbitrator to question the School Board's decision. The

issue could have either been changed to impose the question

of Kimball being wrong, or to a question of a neutral sort.

If I were the School Board I would have proposed this

issue to the arbitrator:

Should Denise Kimball be paid for Tuesday and Wednesday, April 3 and 4, after

calling to inform her place of employment "that she would not be in" due to the

Three Mile Island Incident of March 30, 1979?

I feel that this issue is not only factual but puts weight

in the School Board's argument.

5b) Although I do not believe that the issue to the

arbitrator was fair to the School Board, if I were the




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