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Thelma and Louise Film Review

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Essay Preview: Thelma and Louise Film Review

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The film starts with the scenes of daily lifes of two women. Thelma is married to a man who thinks that he is the centre of the world because he is a manager of a carpet. company. He sees his wife as a lower order of life, to be tolerated so long as she keeps her household duties straight. Just like a servant who doesn't have any rights or freedom. Louise waits tables in a coffee shop and her boyfriend is a musician who is never going to be ready to settle down. They live under high patriarchal domination.

They see themselves very ordinary and want to go fishing alone. But that means that they are crossing the lines of their sexual roles in the community. Thelma can't even tell her husband that she is going on vacation. Because her role in her husband's eyes is the housewife. If she goes on a vacation with a friend she will be simply considered as a whore.

The film continues with the bar scene. We saw the feminist After some drink thelma ends up with, as such flirtations sometimes tragically do, an attempted rape in the parking lot. Louise kills the man with her gun and they start to run away because they think that can't expect fair treatment from the criminal justice system, since Thelma had been flirting and dancing with the guy all evening. They know that nearly everyone would say that what happened to her is her own fault.

The hitchiker appears in the scene as a handsome man who stirs up thelma's libido for the first time. She never had a happy sexual relationship with her husband and she has sexual intercourse only to fulfill her duty: to please her husband.

The policeman takes place who has an empathy with that women. He knows that they dig hole and bury themselves in it and he wants to prevent it.

As things go worse the women have enormous changes, they are fightilng only with the law but also with the laws of the nature. They discover the strength

and their abilities to run their own lives, to take a stand against the men's world.

There are many feminist marks that can be clearly seen from the film. Thelma insists on drinking her liquor from tiny bottles.The pair begin life in lacy dress and silk scarves but they soon throw their lipstick to the wind donning jeans and T-shirts. The film's sense of freedom and excitement, as



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