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The United States and North Korea

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The United States and North Korea

North Korea for decades has continued to cause problems with not just the United States but with other countries across the globe. Over the last few years the United Nations has had reasons to believe that North Korea has nuclear and chemical weapons. North Korea was part of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that it broke away from in 2003 due to failure of the United States to fulfill its end of the Agreed Framework, which was a 1994 agreement between the states to limit North Korea's nuclear ambitions, which would help North Korea begin to normalize relations and help supply some energy needs though nuclear reactors. ( 2003)

During the Bush administration the foreign policy advisor held meetings to discuss a strategy to limit North Korea nuclear progress. There is a strong fear that North Korea had almost six nuclear weapons that could pose a serious threat to the United States and its neighbor South Korea who it has had decades of bad blood between the two countries.

There are many players involved in this but each player has to be very careful in how it deals with the relationship between the United States and North Korea. One of those players is China. China is a long time trading partner with North Korea and once was its closest ally. It also has a strong relationship with the United States and has always been one of its main consumers regarding trade.

So in order not to have to choose sides at this point, China is and has continued to act as mediator in the present and future talks between the two countries. The United States over the last three years has refused to have any form of negotiation one on one with North Korea unless there is a mediator present.

The United States and North Korea

The reason behind the strong distrust regarding North Korea, is because then former leader Kim Jong 11 has proven to be unreliable, a brutal dictator who was known for not being able to be trusted. Part of the negotiations is that North Korea wants a guarantee from the United States that it will not be invaded or attacked for any reason; they wanted this guarantee written into the "Nonaggression Pact". North Korea also to secure more economic aid, in return North Korea stated that it would address any and all U.S security concerns regarding the nuclear weapons program.

The council of foreign relations which includes the United States and other countries wants the negotiations to include North Korea dismantling its existing nuclear reactors and handing over its spent fuel rod and other material that can be used to fuel nuclear weapons and also to agree to unannounced spot inspections by international monitors anywhere in North Korea. ( 2003)

These negotiations have continued to go back and forth into the Obama administration. The United States has tried to isolate North Korea by asking its neighbors and trading partners, China, South Korea, Japan and Russia to slow down trade with the North Korea Regime. The United States has also persuaded the countries to redirect any North Korean ships that may venture into their waters, for fear of ships carrying missiles illegal narcotics and other possible contraband that could be a source of revenue for the country. This is what the United States feels would deter North Korea from gaining nuclear capacity.

The negotiations continue to stall because most of the countries continue to feel that North Korea is only buying time to build its nuclear weapon program. Japan has cut back on trade with

The United States and North Korea

North Korea but China who supplies North Korea with 70 percent of its fuel oil has yet to withdraw its relationship but is currently content with being mediator between parties.

In February of 2012 North Korea offered to suspend its uranium enrichment and allow international inspectors into the country. This breaks an impasse over its nuclear program with the United States and opens the doors to more encouraging negotiations and a chance to reduce tensions in the region. (, 2012)

During the negotiations North Korea also agreed to cease on its long range missile test and the Obama administration agreed to of president Pyongyang 240,000 metric tons of food aid. This becomes win-win situation for all involved and it really helps the country of North Korea due to it being one of the world's most impoverished nations.

These agreements set through the negotiations were the first between the United States and North Korea since 2007 but the deal agreements has fallen through due to North Korea, stating the United States did not follow through with



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