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North Korea Vs. United States

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As Angel Resendiz crept through the lonely dark yard of an abandoned downtown home, he had one intent, to kill his soon to be victim Michael White. Soon after spotting his target he began to approach him with a demeanor of aggressiveness and logic of death. Angel Resendiz confronted his victim Michael White about being an ongoing homosexual, White confirmed Resendiz's theory that the man was indeed homosexual. Through this information The Railcar Killer struck White with a brick and continually exchanged blows to White's head until the victim was no longer conscious and in fact was dead.

While continuing to be on the run the police noticed that they have similar trials that have came up empty as far as suspects, they concluded that in fact the killer was one of the same and was traveling the railroads as a means for transportation from crime scene to crime scene. After a good lead they eventually figured out who it was that was responsible for all these vicious murders. The Federal Bureau of Investigation soon tracked down Resendiz's sister, Manuela, and through her help and fear of Angel killing more people she led the FBI to where Resendiz was hiding. An FBI agent named Drew Carter and Manuela met Angel in the middle of a bridge in El Paso where he surrendered and agreed to confess to what he had done.

While in trial Angel Resendiz confessed to 16 known murders and was thought to have committed up to 30. While in court, Resendiz accused the FBI agent Carter of lying under oath, saying that he promised him that he would not be executed if he would surrender to the law. But in reality Resendiz would only have to worry about the judge to depend on his fate of staying alive in prison instead of death row. Resendiz then tried to say he was not mentally competent while he committed all these murders and that he believed that he should not be executed because of the fact that he didn't know what he was doing at the time of all these murders. Resendiz descried himself as half man and half angel and told the prosecutors that he couldn't be executed because he didn't believe that he could die. Through the information that Angel gave the court they concluded that he was capable of dying and that the statements that he made were just a way of trying to slither away from the bad deeds that he had committed. Resendiz was sentenced to death row in Huntsville and would be put to death for his unlawful actions.




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