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The Struggleof Revolutions

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The struggle of Revolutions ____________________________________________________________


American Revolution, French Revolution, Glorious Revolution Compare and Contrast

_ Have you ever wondered why were revolutions fought for? Why in some cases they had to risk millions of lives in order to have a successful revolution? And how does these turnovers that were fought in our past affect us today?

If we look at the history of revolutions, we can find revolutions almost in any country on earth. But three of them were a main revolutions that on their steps, and by the influence of them, other revolutions had been fought. They are: The Glorious Revolution, The American Revolution, and The French Revolution. But when we look at these three in History, By studying them we can find lots of similarities and correspondences. As these three shakeups were closely followed by each other.

We can find similarities in every two of them; as follows: The Glorious Revolution which was the first, shared some consequences, and issues with the American Revolution. And for the French Revolution which followed the American Revolution and influenced by it, had also some in common. And same as for both The Glorious, and French Revolution. No one could ever expected the extreme impact of the Glorious revolution over the American revolution and their similarities.

In 1685 the Glorious Revolution occurred. In 1776 the American Revolution had begun after announcing The Declaration of Independence. Even though, the Glorious Revolution shared so many similarities; there was a slight difference about it. But these issues that have been shared in between, were amazingly straight to the eye.

"A continuation of the struggle between the crown and parliament, sums up the powers that parliament had been seeking since the petition of rights" _The English Bill of Rights document. "By authority of the god people of these colonies, solemnly publish and declare, that these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be free and Independent States"_The declaration of Independence document. Studying these quotes; there is an obvious similarity, both their chiefs achieved their point, and they were successful in the conclusion.

"The English Bill of Rights ensured the superiority of Parliament over the King and Queen." _English Bill of Rights document. " Americans protest British Policies" -Enlightenment document. Americans decided to Ð''mobilize colonial opinion against parliamentary interference in American affairs'. The Monarchs in Britain had to obey and accept the Bill of Rights; which assured the power of Parliament. The Americans and the Monarchy both dealt with the British Government and Parliament, is another similarity we could find. But as I said earlier there was a big difference in The Glorious Revolution. Unlike both American and French Revolution, there wasn't a revolutionary war, instead it was a big change in the form of government. There wasn't any blood shed. As a matter of fact both American and French Revolution truly took the blood of probably thousands of people.

After the end of the American revolution in 1781. French people from the third estate been influenced by their amazing success. They were also Inspired by the example of the American people throwing off an oppressive government in the 1770s. They roused their spirits and begun their own quest to win a republic in 1789. They fought on the foot steps of Washington's soldiers.

"all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with rights, life, and pursuit of happiness" _Declaration of Independence document. " Men are born free and remain free and equal in rights"_ Declaration of Rights. As how it seems, that both revolutions had fought their opponents for their own Rights, Equality and Freedoms. In Addition to gain Democracy in Government. " the colonists fight for Independence from great britain, began the battles of lexington and concord. After five more years of war, the British army surrendered in 1781."_Enlightment document. "Peasant uprisings then spread from Paris throughout the country. They fight to win democratic freedoms for the people"_ Enlightenment document. By the time the American Revolution took place, citizens of the colonies were beginning to get tired of the British rule, they finally produced the Declaration of Rights which explained why they should be free of the British rule and assured their Independence. Americans didn't took it easy; they fought for more than five years to seize their Independence. And so as the French people; even though lacking a dependable leader, they fought for almost a century, in quest to grasp the rule in gaining their democratic rights



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