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The State of Music Appreciation

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Essay Preview: The State of Music Appreciation

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When I first came to this lecture Mr. Woodward gave, The State of Music Appreciation: The Place of American Popular Music, I was thinking it would not be that interesting, but it turned out not that bad after all. It was said that all musics are considered equal and Duke Elliot once said, "If it sounds good it is good." Music is a traditional art.

Harmony is a Western European idea. Some examples of melody include: Ragas, Tibet Chant, Africa, Middle East, Japan, Bali, and Chant (western European). Under harmony, popular music is widely known, and folk harmony is passed on. Harburg once said, "Words make you think. Music makes you feel. Song makes you feel a thought."

New Orleans was founded in 1718 by the French, and then Spain had control in 1763 and then back to French in 1803. By 1721, 30% were from Africa and over 50% was French and Spain. This mix created a word called creole which means "to beget" or "to create". Also it created spirituals and blues which is an African and European mix and New Orleans and The Delta. Blues hinges on civil war and plantation fields. They called and responded which lead to blend hymn with strong rhythms from Africa.

Blues came around in the 1860s from the Mississippi Delta, Ragtime around 1880s in Chicago, and Jazz in the 1990s in New Orleans. New Orleans second line was always up beat. The drum set and words like "cool" and "hip" were invented because of jazz music. Paul Whiteman once said, "Jazz came to America three hundred years ago in chains." In 1955, American music was born. American music is real music and it is here to stay. It was mentioned that "rock" and "roll" and "rock and roll" were veiled references to sex and I found that very interesting to know. Today, American music dominates music sales with 72.6 percent.



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