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The Rich Girl

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The Rich Girl

There lie a Rich girl in her Egyptian Silk sheets with her cell phone glued to her ear. She's on the phone with her best friend making plans for a shopping spree the next day, while poring over her Vogue magazine. She speaks of her plan to beg her daddy for an extra thousand dollars to spend. "I'm Daddy's little girl, he'll do anything for me if I batt my eyes and plead" she said. She drives a new Mercedes Benz just for shopping and beach trips, which is how most of her days are spent.

Her name was well known in her little rich town even those that did not know her name knew of her because she was talked about often. Some people spoke of how she was a spoiled brat, and others admired her for her extreme fashion sense. However many knew her as stuck-up and obnoxious. She always had a strut in her walk that said I'm better than you. Everything that she wore was name brand and very expensive, anything other than that was meant for the little people, according to her. This young lady always carries a little rodent with her as a fashion accessory, also known as a chihuahua named Little Missy. Boyfriends where also her accessories, she always chose very carefully according to looks and how much he would be willing to spend on her.

She would never even dream of having a job, or even worse having to actually work. If she were to have job based on what she did best, it would have to be shopping. This perfect princess' name is Missy as it appears.

The Geek

And then there was the Geek who's number one passion in life was to gain knowledge. The boy is called Steve, he is admired by his parents and teachers for his ability and desire to learn. Steve's loves to read more than anything else in the world. He must have read over a million books in his life time. He loves reading so much that he even reads during lunch at school. His friend were all what his peers considered to be Geeks. In later years to come those same peers wouldn't be nearly successful as the Geeks were. Steve loved math as well, he did a study on the Pythagorean theorem just because he wanted to know how it was discovered.

He wore thick glasses so that he could read better. His classmates make fun of them but he doesn't care because he is on a different level than them. Of all the



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