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The Process of Recycling

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The Process Of Recycling

Recycling was first thought of in 1776 during the war of Independence from England. Americans recycled scrap metals to help fight the war. But it wasn't until 1895 when the first residential waste program in the U.S. was invented in New York. The chemistry behind recycling is the idea that "everything circulates". For instance, if you saved a box of cereal and put it into your recycling bin, that box of cereal can be made into a package of papers, or a newspaper, or a tissue box, and the possibilities are endless. Common household items that are recycled are newspapers and paper towels, aluminum, plastic, glass soft drink containers, steel cans, and plastic laundry detergent bottles.

The process of recycling can be broken down into three steps. The first step is "collection and processing". In this step one would look for items to recycle, they can be found on curbsides, drop-off centers, buy-back centers, and deposit/ refund centers. These items are then sorted, cleaned, and prepared into marketable commodities for manufacturing at a materials recovery facility. In the second step, the "manufacturing" step, the recyclables are then manufactured into new items containing either total or partial recycled content. The "purchasing recycled products" step is the last. This step completes the "circle" of recycling, where consumers but the recycled items.

The whole purpose of recycling is to reuse items to reduce the amount of waste in the environment. It helps the environment because it minimizes the amount of waste, there will be less space taken up by garbage dumps and the environment will be generally cleaner. One way of testing the recycling process is to make sure the recycled environmental testing solvents will be as pure as the new solvent. Contaminating solvents and analytes are removed in the solvent recycling process.

However there are a few problems with the recycling process. One is that it takes too long to sort and dump the items, and this usually means a loss of finances somewhere because someone has to be paid for all the time it takes to sort the items. A second problem is that in order to recycle items, they must be dry. Paper cannot get wet because people will not want to deal with it. Also, people will be less likely to dump aluminum cans that still have liquid in them. Finally,



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