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The Power to Be Yourself

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Essay Preview: The Power to Be Yourself

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I find myself very lucky to be who I am simply because nobody else can be me! Being who I am, of biracial ethnicity my eyes have been opened greatly to the world around me as I have grown and matured. Living for myself, being the best I can be, and upholding the spirits of others are the three main goals I work for everyday to see that I become a better person, but even more that I become the person I want me to be.

Living for myself used to be such a challenge due to the fact that I was a little bit confused on who I was supposed to be. Growing up people have always asked me your mixed right? Are you going to marry a white guy or a black guy? Well since your white you should do this, or since you have black in you, you should do this. Being asked and told over and over got me kinda disoriented! What made me come to realization I don't really remember. Now days though, I don't live my life based on the decisions of what others think I should do. I have told myself that I am me, I am the only me, and I am the only one who can control what happens to my future. I am mixed and it's simply that. Going hand in hand with living for myself is being the best I can be. I am not the smartest, nor the prettiest, but everyday I strive to give my all. There are times and there are people out there who think it is a good thing to put other people down based on their ethnicity, religion, race, culture, and beliefs. I am a victim of these verbal abuses as I do believe every human is as well in one way or another. I can not help the color of my skin; it is what the Lord has given me. The accusations that people have thrown to me have only made me stronger. I have learned to smile, give them my sympathy for their own unhappiness and to inform them that I absolutely love who I am and I work everyday to love myself more and more! The best part of working to achieve my goals is the encouragement I give to other people. I cannot stand discrimination of any sort. I know that it truly can bring a person's spirits down and it is by my personal choice to be an activist in helping others deal with hurtful situations and to let them know that they are who they are for a reason. The color of skin, the sound of a voice, and the overall appearance was given to us for a special reason; one being so that we may all be unique. I have recently started a small group called Being Who You Are- Love Being You. I was not sure how many people would participate but the



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