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The Pimp Song

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Music is a way to express your self look at this song for instence.

I remember your first day

Back then I never thought I fell this way

But back then I was stupid

And now I guess I got hit by cupid

Yeah I kinda do look like a mole

And your right I am an ass hole

And you look so fine

I wish you were mine

Yeah its true

I got a little crush on you

Its been there for a while

But I've been in denial

Until now

And I don't know how

It just happened

And about you I can't stop rap'n

Every were I look I see you

I do

Especially when I look in to your eyes

Or when I look at the skys

I really like you

And I hope you like me too

There's so many things I like about you

I cant name um all I've tried to

But again I'll try

I love the way you never sigh

And that you got a hell of mind

But noting in behind

But I still love you

Idk no how I do

I love ass

But going out with you I'd never pass

Call me crazy

You can even call me lazy

Or a p.i.m.p

Cuz that's just me

Every1 nos

Ask any1 of my hoes




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