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Song "woman" and Novel Scarlet Letter

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Essay Preview: Song "woman" and Novel Scarlet Letter

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Wolfmother the artist of the song "Woman" and Hawthorne author of the Novel "Scarlet Letter" share common similarities in both of their pieces of work. These similarities in these pieces are both based on a relationship between man and woman, and there impact on each other. The Pieces also show how the feelings of can give a person dominion. The song portrays how a man who is in love, relies on the ability of a woman to free himself from an unknown bondage, and the novel discusses secret sin and bondages between three people, and also how the woman has the ability to see through him and basically examine the man's soul. In the Scarlet letter Hester has both of these dramatic rational effects on Dimmesdale and on Chillingworth as well.

In song "Women" the women has a power over a man which she achieved through the feeling of love. In the novel Hester has that power over both men, which in the novel Hester and Dimmesdale share this feeling, of love between each other which they express by committing the act of adultery, this how Dimmesdale is bonded to Hester. In the song this emotion of love is expressed and repeated through out the lyrics within the song. By analyzing this comparison a link or comparison is made with the man speaking of a woman in the song, and to Dimmesdale from the novel.

In both cases this emotion of love produces a special connection, and gives the woman in the song and Hester in the novel the ability to look into the man. In the novel Hester knows of the pain Dimmesdale feels and also knows of the sin he hides deep in side. Hester through the novel could have free Dimmesdale while he was unwilling by confessing with the magistrates, but chose not to. Instead she accepted her sin and dealt with all of the public infamy

In another prospective we can look at this song from Chillingworth's eyes, as him having a secret bondage with a woman (Hester). Here Hester also knows of a secret bondage and knows that he feels humiliated, therefore he hides behind the character of the physician The way in which Chillingworth is bonded to Hester is not only through marriage but for the fact he must know who the other adulterer is. This bondage cause server turmoil on Chillingworth, and sets him on a mission. In this case Hester has the ability to set Chillingworth free, by simply confessing who the adulterous father is. This act will put an end to the bondage and also will put and end



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