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The Part-Time Job

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I did the first part-time job in my life last summer vacation. What I did is giving out advertisements, which is pretty tiring and boring.

The part-time job I did lasted for almost a week. Lots of other workers gave up before the work ends, but my partners didn't do that until the last day. We took a big bag of advertisements with us and headed for different places to give them out to people. Whenever we ran out of them, somebody who was responsible for the work would send another bag to us by motorbike, which was really sad for us. Sometimes, we stayed at a place to give them out, which is more tiring and difficult than walking on the street for the whole day to do it. Although the part-time job was quite tiring, we still insisted to the last day, getting something more than money.

The first part-time job I did had a deep impression on me. Taking the 7-days tiring job, I have learned perseverance, which is essential in our livesA good essay includes a good introduction, useful body paragraphs and a proper conclusion. It's also supported by perfect structure. However, I can't do well in structure and organization of essays. I feel that I write what I think about at that time, which results in the lack of good structure of my essay. As far as I am concerned, the details and supporting information is not very difficult, because I usually pay attention to them. There is one important point that I want to mention. Sometimes I can't find a proper thesis statement for my essay.

Every time I write descriptive essays, I don't know how to make it charming. Maybe it results from my lack of vocabulary or imagination.




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