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Length of Time Job Rotation

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Theoretical Framework

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Length of Time

        Length of time is a measurable period from start to end during an action, process, or condition exists or continues. In job rotation length of time means how long the duration that employee work at one department before they are posting to somewhere others department or units in Royal Signal Regiment. It can be fixed length of time rotation, short length of time rotation or long  length of time rotation. However there are some issues related to to this aspect that can influence employee job satisfaction. The issues are:

  1. Fixed length of time job rotation

Fixed time job rotation might be desirable because it can make business, succession and carrier planning easier. But fixed time can give a negative affect because individual will be difficult to complete their goal during the rotation time.

  1. Short length of time job rotation

Because of the rotation is too short the employee can have a problems in order to achieve all of the key learning, experience goals and objectives of the rotation may not be met. It may result in the organization will have under skilled employee and can cause of failure in employee next assignment.

  1.  Long length of time job rotation

     If the time of the rotation is too long it can give a risk to the organization where it can creating a sense that they has been ignored because nothing appears to be planned for them at the end of a long rotation.

Amount of Reward

Reward can be define as something that given in exchange for good behavior or good work (Cambridge Dictionary). In other words reward is an incentive plan given to the employee in return for their services or achievement to the organization. Reward can be monetary reward such as performance based pay, increment or money reward, or non monetary reward such as promotion or recognition of award. In job rotation, reward is given due to employee who agree to be transfer to others department, branch or units. In Royal Signal Regiment there are no monetary reward for job rotation, the staff will be given promotion to next level of rank before they posting to others place. But not all of the staff will get the promotion. In this research will find out either the staff who get the promotion due to their posting are satisfied or not with their job at the new place.



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