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The Overall Knowledge of Sports Injury

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Essay Preview: The Overall Knowledge of Sports Injury

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Sports play more and more important role in the healthy lifestyle. In many countries, citizens often play more and more sports to have a good health. Eventually, many governments deduct a portion of the national budget to build infrastructure so that people can use it for building their health. However, when we increase sports participation, the risk of sports injuries will also increase. Therefore, sports promotion must be considered carefully. For example, we can increase knowledge of first aid, as well as injury prevention.

There are almost 20 million people related to sports injuries in the UK annually. Around 150 people died and many others are disabled for life. Moreover, it is said that nearly 3 million injuries remain untreated. These are frightening figures, which help us to recognize the importance of injury prevention and find the best treatment for sports injuries.

Sports injuries have affected many parts of the body, and ankle is one of the most general those. The injuries related to ankle cause over one third of all sports injuries. During one hour of straining exercise, shock absorbers and feet cushion can sustain one million pounds of pressure. By using ankle supports and ankle braces, we can easily prevent injury and also recovery after a sports injury.

What is the reason why the ankle is too vulnerable?

Each foot has 26 bones. The ligaments have their own work to stabilise and support the ankle bone, as well as the two lower leg bones at the ends from the ankle joint.

The outer part of the ankle is a complicated of three ligaments. The anterior talofibular ligament, which goes from the talus to the fibula, is one of those. This is also most likely to be damaged in sports injuries. Since the inner ankle is much more steady than the outer ankle, the foot will probably turn inwards from a fall, tackle or jump. These types of stretches or tears ligaments along with the result is an ankle sprain. The term "sprain" also means the stretching and tearing of ligaments.

There are many risk factors for spraining an ankle. They include running on unequal ground, having had preceded ankle injuries previously, being overweight, falling to heat up sufficiently as well as using shoes that do not fit properly.

We can classify sprained ankles according to level of severity. Grade 1 is the term for a stretch or small



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