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The Outsiders - Dallas Winston Essay

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Essay Preview: The Outsiders - Dallas Winston Essay

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Sherline Dortilus

The outsiders essay


                                                                                there are many characters with many characteristic’s in the book the outsiders. Dallas Winston is one of them and the one the one im telling you about. Dallas referred to as dally is a juvenile delinquent, caring, and tough but you got to like him.  Get ready to go on a crazy adventure with Dallas Winston. Here  are some characteristic on him let’s take a look shall we.


                                                            One characteristic Dallas is known for is being a juvenile delinquent. Dally is a juvenile delinquent because he robs stores. In the novel when pony and Johnny went to go buy coke dally had stolen 2 packages Kool’s. even though the waitress was watching the boys dally was still able steal because he is used to doing things like that pony quotes “dally walked out with 2 packages of Kool’s under his jacket” (19). This shows how dally is a juvenile delinquent.

                                                              Another characteristic dally has is he cares for Johnny. How dally show that he cares for Johnny is that he tolerates certain things from Johnny that he doesn’t from others. When pony, dally and Johnny went to the drive- in movie dally kept bothering cherry and she was getting annoyed so Johnny told dally to leave her alone. Dally would usually get mad and beat up the person who told him what but he didn’t as pony quotes “dally got up and stalked off, his fist jammed in his pockets and a frown on his face. He didn’t come back” (24). This shows how dally cares for Johnny.

                                                                The last characteristic I have for dally is he’s tough. How dally shows he’s tough is when dally is the hospital he’s pulls a switch blade out on the nurse. When pony and and two-bit come to visit dally he asked for a switch blade and later on he used to threaten the nurse. Soon dally show up at the rumble the greasers and socs had planned and punched a guy in the face. dally says “talked the nurse into it with two- bits switch. Don’t you know a rumble aint a rumble unless I’m in it?”. This shows how dally is tough    



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