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The Nightmare of My Father

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Mrs. Garcia

6th Period


T he Nightmare of My Father

Another week, Another weekend staying at Steven’s, my dad, with more screaming, yelling, and tears than any other time. I thought it was going to be a regular weekend there, but boy was I wrong. I just wanted to be with my mom that weekend. Steven started yelling and saying how rude and inconsiderate I was to not want to stay with him. He said things that hurt me and changed me so much. He said, “This is all your fault, everything’s your fault. You're a mistake, I hate you!” At this point my eyes stung, bloodshot. I wanted to go home, I told him I'm calling my mom. He said, “Let me listen or I won’t let you leave.” As tears ran down my face, I picked up the phone and told her what Steven wanted me to say, all lies. She came not knowing what really happened, 911 on the line. She didn't know that Steven took my phone and did something with it, I don’t know what. The cops came. My eyes now burning, I try to tell them what's happening. They look for my phone but didn't find it and didn't care what I had to say. Everything was blurry now, I felt like nothing, a ghost, an empty bag in the wind, gone. I needed someone to comfort me, tell me everything will be okay. No one did, all I heard was my mom yelling at Steven and him yelling back at her. I just wanted everything to be over with. I wanted to have a family that could have dinner together and go on trips, but all I had was chaos and crying. I thought of how my friends all had dads that loved them and hugged them but I had one that hates me and hurts me.

On the way home, tears running down my face, all I wanted was to be happy. I knew this was the worst night of my life. Confused and scared I fell asleep and woke up the next morning feeling the pain over and over again.



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