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My Father and I

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Actually, all members of my family have the same important influence to my life. Each of them has a different way in making me be a grown-up girl like now. But since I was a little girl, the one who is close to me the most is my father.

I am always proud of my father and our relationship. People often get jealous of our closeness, even my mother. I remember when I got the scholarship from one of the computer and internet courses in my city; it is an informal education institution, which obliged me to attend the class at night, whereas I go to school from morning till afternoon. He tried to warn me that it could be tiring for me, let alone, the place is quite far from my house. But at that time, seeing me really eager for that chance, he allowed me. Every night, he took me there and home without complaining although I realized he might be warn out after working all day.

One night, he should attend a kind of meeting in the Church Organization. Actually, he was too tired to go. But when my mother said that God may bless me for my father's kindness, he went. Since then, I swear to make my parents proud of me as their daughter.

My father always supports his children in every good thing they interest in. He also did when I told him about my willing to study in Singapore. Although he seemed to be calm, I was sure he should be very surprised about that, because it will need much money. We both know he will hardly afford it for me. That is why I really attempt to get the scholarship. Getting that kind of rare faith as my father has on us, I always and will always do my best effort in everything he supports me in.

Analyzing my own abilities and interests, I think Business is the most suitable subject for me. To my disappointment, I find out Indonesia's conditions are getting worse, so that I have planned to work and live Singapore to get a better life, including having my lovely family there with me, particularly, my parents. Hopefully, by having that chance, one day, after being an independent woman, I can proudly come to my parents and take them to live there with me.



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