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The Monkeys Paw Part 2

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The 8 organelles paragraph

The cell membrane is structure used clearly represents ability of cell membrane to be selectively permeable and to provide a clear boundary for the cell that is flexible. I chose a door for the cell membranes. I chose it because the cell membrane is flexible and it clears a path. The door represents because the door clears a path.

The nucleus is item chosen clearly represents information and storage, communication capability and control center activity. I chose a boss for the nucleus. I chose it because a nucleus is the chosen represents information. I chose a boss because he/she is the main part of the factory.

The cytoplasm is material used demonstrates capability of cytoplasm to provide nutrients and materials for organelles use and to provide for movement of materials through cell. I chose to use a medkit for cytoplasm. I chose it because cytoplasm is basically a medkit with nutrients. It represents it because a medkit uses nutrients and it heals you.

The endoplasmic reticulum is structure represents capability for transport including transport form ribosomes. I chose to use an icecream truck. I chose it because endoplasmic reticulum transport stuff and that is what an icecream truck is. It represents transportation because it has ice cream.

The ribosomes is a structure used clearly shows capability for production of specific type of product assembled from many parts. I chose a shield potion for ribosomes. I chose it because a ribosomes shows capability for production of a specific product. It represents it because a shield potion is a specific product.

The golgi apparatus is structures used clearly demonstrated ability to package and direct delivery of products to a specific site. I chose a mailbox for the golgi apparatus. I chose it because it's package delivery thing. It represents it because a mailbox ships stuff to a specific site.

The lysosomes is structured used clearly demonstrates ability to digest and use organic materials. I chose a llama for lysosomes. I chose it because a llama is an lysosomes. It represents it because the llama eats stuff.

The mitochondria is a structure used clearly represents ability to convert energy from one form and deliver energy as a different form for use by something else. I chose for mitochondria is a generator. I chose it because the mitochondria gives out energy and that's what



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