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Sequel to the Monkey’s Paw

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Essay Preview: Sequel to the Monkey’s Paw

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One hundred years gone and yet peace remains. The Story of the Monkey’s Paw changing every few years but the main Idea remained you got 3 wishes which caught the eye of Jacob Great grandson of the original story’s Mr White. Jacob had devoted his entire life in search for the remaining paws. Jacob began his research, he drove the 7 hours to original house where the monkeys paw story began. At this point the house was abandoned by Jacob’s grandparents as Jacob crept through the house but seemingly could not find what he was looking for until he found his way to the attic. In the attic there was a large crate with the words New Delhi, India.

He knew what to do, Jacob began to walk toward the attic ladder when suddenly a beam supporting the roof fell revealing a rotting hand.

“This has to be it”, he said.

This would be hard, at this point Jacob had not thought out what he would do once he obtained the claw. Until when he realized what he needed most, money. His whole life he had been in and out of homes never able to pay rent. With 500 thousand he could by a nice home a car and be just alright. Then he realized why not wish for more it was his wish after all.

“I wish for 1 Billion dollars”, said Jacob.

At this point Jacob had not noticed any changes maybe he did something wrong he said. He looked around, nothing could be found. Jacob carefully placed the claw in his backpack then proceeded to drive home. As Jacob pulled into his driveway he noticed something was off but did not realize what was off until he opened his door. Money was piled everywhere in his house. Everything was covered.

That night Jacob partied, all his life Jacob had watched the news something about it entertained him so when the 10 o’clock news came on Jacob was in for a surprise. The headline 1 Billion dollars goes missing from the Federal reserve. Jacob wrote if off as a coincidence but he had his doubts. Jacob went to bed wondering and hoping, but when he got up and turned the Tv on he saw his name.

Jacob packed his bags and headed for the door when he realized he still had two wishes the FBI would be at his doorstep any minute, he had to make a wish he wished that he never committed any crimes in hopes of keeping the money. What he got was not what he had wished for, but the exact opposite. The money was gone and



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