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The Little Prince Case

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The story was about a young boy called the Little Prince and his adventure to different planets. He visited many places and met many people like the King, the Conceited Man, the Drunkard, the Business man, the Lamplighter and the Geographer. Then he reached the Earth. He started out in the desert and met a snake. He met a man who became the story teller. The Little prince almost died on Earth out of thirst. He later asked the snake to bit him and his body disappeared and the story teller had never seen him again.The story ended with a plea for the reader to find the Little Prince, a strange child. The Little Prince lived on Earth for a year and the story teller was rescued from the desert after seven years.

The little prince represent innocence, ignorance,and purity. When the prince goes to visit thepeople on the planets, he cannot understand themand thinks that they are very bizarre. The little prince teaches me that the best things in the world aren't necessarily the most expensive, the rarest,the fanciest, but the things that I see and can

enjoy everyday like friends and family.

I think the most interesting part is when he drew the first pictures of his life, he want to represent an elephant, but everyone think that was a hat. It is so funny and interesting.

The Little Prince is a very famous book. It tells the exciting adventures of a boy from another planet had. On his way of traveling from one planet to another, he meets many interesting people and living creatures on various planets. You will surely love the story as well as the colorful pictures drawn by the author.

On the planets the Little Princess visits, he meets a drunkard, a king, a lamplighter who is very loyal to his job etc. All of them are oddly interesting in some way. However, my favourite character is the lamplighter. Although the lamplighter's job is very boring and tiring, he still insists on doing his work well. It is trivial but he is dong something meaningful to both himself and the others. The lamplighter is also the only one whom the Little Prince could make friends with.

As we read the conversations between Little Prince and those he meets, we get a chance of thinking from a different perspective, reflecting on our own daily life, reevaluating what we used to believe and follow.

What do you think is the difference between children and adults? According



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