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The Impact of Technology on North American Society

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Essay Preview: The Impact of Technology on North American Society

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The North American society has become heavily depended on technology over the recent few decades. Whether or not technology is impacting society positively or negatively has always been a very controversial topic. Nevertheless, it is clear that, in North America, technology has become a vital part of everyone's lives. Technology has become such a essential part of society because of its enhancement to North American society.

Technology is good for the North American society because of its importance in the communications field. Communications technologies has made great advancements since the invention of telephones in the 1870s. Communication has become much easier since then. North America today, everyone has easy access to technologies such as telephones or cell phones, making it very convenient to keep in touch with family, business partners, and emergency services such as the Police or ambulance. Communications, in fact, has expanded beyond telecommunications to other approaches such as emails, social networks, text messaging, etc. Thus, the positive impact of technology in North America can definitely be seen through the easy access to communications, as well as its contribution to health care.

Technology has clearly enhanced North American society because of its impact on the medical fields. In the mid 20th century, the life expectancy around the world is 48 years, while the life expectancy for women in the United States today is 85 years (World Health Organization). Life expectancy increased by nearly 50% in less than a century. Looking at these statistics, it is evident that medical technologies has made a great contribution in the health care system, proving the importance of technology in North American society. In addition to the impact Technology has made in the medicine field, technology has also made other positive contribution to North America, such as in the transportation industries.

Technologies has made transportation very accessible and convenient in North America. These technology includes cars, planes, trains, ships, and more. Airplane is one break through in the transportation technology industry that has been a vital part of the world community since it was produced. In 2007, 1.4 billion passengers traveled on planes in the USA alone (Worldwide Airports Lawyers Association). Moreover, these technologies are also used for the transportation and import/export of goods and products, building



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