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The Impact of Customers Services Quality on Brand Loyalty

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Essay Preview: The Impact of Customers Services Quality on Brand Loyalty

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HND in Business (RQF)

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Botol Alhasan


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Dr.Feras Qawasmeh

Unit 11: Research Project

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The Strategic Role of Sales for Business Success


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Student signature: Botol Alhasan             Date:   21/07/2019

Table of Contents

The Impact of Customers Services Quality on Brand Loyalty (Case Study of McDonald’s)        3

Chapter 1: Introduction        3

1.1Background        3

1.2Research Problem        4

1.3Research Question        5

1.4significance of the Study        5

1.5 Scope of the Study        5

Chapter 2. Literature Review        6

2.1 Introduction        6

2.2        Service Quality        6

2.3        The importance of service quality        7

2.4        Customer Brand Loyalty        8

2.5        The importance of customer loyalty        9

2.6 The Relationship Between Service Quality and Brand Loyalty        10

2.7 Theoretical Framework        11

Chapter 3 methodology        11

3.1 Philosophy        11

3.2 Methodology        12

3.3 population and sampling        12

3.4 data collection        13

3.5 Data Analysis        13

chapter 4: findings and results        13

4.1 Findings        13

4.2 Results:        17

chapter 5: Conclusion and Recommendations        19

5.1 Conclusion        19

5.2 Recommendation        19

The Impact of Customers Services Quality on Brand Loyalty (Case Study of McDonald’s)

Chapter 1: Introduction


According to Al-Rodhan and Stoudmann (2006) Globalization includes economic integration; the transfer of policies across borders; the transmission of information; social strength; the propagation, relations, and discourses of power; it is a worldwide procedure, a concept, a revolution, and a foundation of the worldwide market free from sociopolitical control. Globalization incorporates all of these things. It is a concept that has been characterized differently throughout the years, with certain meanings alluding to advance, stability, integration and cooperation, and others referring to relapse, colonialism, and destabilization. Despite these challenges, this term carries with it a large number of hidden agendas. A person's political belief system, geographic area, societal status, social foundation, ethnic and religious association give the foundation that determines how globalization is interpreted.

In the process of globalization, many enterprises embark on a path from Localization to globalization, McDonald’s is just the example that plays an important part in the fast-food business in the world.

McDonald's is an American fast food company, founded in 1940 as a restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, United States. Currently, it is almost serving more than 35000 restaurants in more than 120 countries around the world and more than 50 million customers daily. McDonald's at first begun as a barbecue restaurant run and worked by Richard and Maurice McDonald having an idea of eatery for the first time in San Bernardino, California. In 1948, they rebuilt their business as a burger stand utilizing production line principles. One of the businessman Mr. Ray Kroc joined the company as a franchise agent in 1955 and later he assumed control over the rights from McDonald brothers and established the company on fifteenth April, 1955. For the fiscal year 2017, McDonalds reported earnings of US$5.2 billion, with an annual revenue of US$22.8 billion. market capitalization of McDonald’s was valued at over US$134.5 billion in September 2018.The slogan of McDonald is essentially, to give best quality to their clients, giving best service so as to pull in their clients,  provide  cleanliness in order to keep hold their clients and giving  value to its clients which will make a decent connection among clients and McDonald which will eventually offer advantage to the McDonald and  create goodwill among themselves (Ahmed et al., 2016).

1.2Research Problem

Emirates Fast Food Co., the owner of McDonald’s restaurants in the UAE is proud to serve the UAE some of its favorite food since 1994.  McDonald’s has become a household name in the UAE and an active member in the society through various initiatives. McDonald's UAE today has more than 154 branches and over 4000 employees and 120,000 daily transactions to serve customers. McDonald’s UAE is committed to the quality of the products it serves at each restaurant. Roughly 6 percent of McDonald’s UAE’s business is done through online delivery orders, representing success in the digital realm to date. And also maintains an active social responsibility agenda. All McDonald’s restaurants in the UAE are 100% locally owned and operated. All business decisions are locally made and revenues are reinvested in the local economy. Service quality has impact to customer loyalty. Though, there are still many more elements that must be counted in for a better and clear understanding process of satisfying the customers.



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