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Greetings from Sean Guy, Director of Customer Service

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Essay Preview: Greetings from Sean Guy, Director of Customer Service

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Greetings from Sean Guy, Director of Customer Service

Most online merchants have a hard time coming up with good content for their websites; however, with Internet marketing, content is king. Because search engines want to send consumers to the most relevant website possible, they will use various algorithms to determine if your site's keyword density, page content, related sites, and interaction is the most relevant for the user. In this newsletter, we are going to briefly hit on user interaction, page purpose, and page content. (For more information on marketing your site, including how to build page content and develop/find keywords pertinent to your site, visit Merchant Services.)

When marketing your site, the user should always come first. You should focus on having page content that is useful to the user/customer. This means one of the first steps to helping your customers, as well as marketing your site, is to decide the purpose of each page. The next step is to write keyword-dense content aligned to the page's purpose.

For instance, a page on your site might have the purpose of attracting and helping customers who are interested in New York City, New York real estate.

With the page's purpose in mind, you should write keyword-dense content for the page. Here is an example of the content you may choose to add to the page:

We specialize in finding the home and property of your dreams in New York City, New York. We, at Real Estate, Inc., have helped good people find a residence in NYC, New York for over 15 years and have thousands of very satisfied customers. As your real estate broker, we know we can help you find the perfect place for you here in New York, New York! We have separated the real estate in New York City into 5 major regions, each with their own unique sights, sounds, and culture.

Continuing with the example, you could then write keyword-dense paragraphs for every major region of the city. The regions could also be arranged in categories or sub-categories. For instance, there could be people looking to move into China Town, NYC. In this case you would need to write keyword-dense explanations of the benefits, sights, sounds, etc. of China Town. This applies to the other specified regions or interests.

NOTE: Most likely, the first draft of your page content will not be keyword rich, but it is more important to get your ideas down and then refine, revise, and include as many keyword phrases as possible. You may wish to read your content out loud. By doing so, you can tell if the keywords and phrases are excessive. In addition, you can also look at high-ranking competitors for good ideas on how to implement keywords and phrases.

In summary, page content is a vital aspect of organic search engine rankings. As you develop your page content, remember to provide your customers with useful and compelling information.



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