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The Green Mile

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1. The Green Mile has a huge connection to the seven Catholic social teachings. The first one, human life and dignity, is very evident in the Green Mile. The main connection with this one is how Tom Hank’s character cares about John Coffey. Many people would not care or even given a second look to someone who is in prison and on death row but Paul, the guard, gets close to him. He ends up really caring about John Coffey and believes he is innocent. It shows human life and dignity because when he has to execute him, he believes he is going to hell and can’t live with what he has done. The film overall brings up the debate of capital punishment. To truly have respect for human life you cannot be in favor of the death penalty. This movie show how terribly cruel it can be to all involved.

The Green Mile relates to call to family when John Coffey helps all the people. He does not have to do anything and he knows nothing will let him out but he still does the right things to help the people around him. He helps Paul and then the warden’s sick, dying wife. This film gives a message of how we should act to others around us.

Paul really understood his rights as part of God’s creation. He knew all His gifts and respected them. He knew he had the responsibility to try to let people know that he thinks John was innocent. It also shows the contrast on how Percy acts and how he is the opposite of what we as Catholics are supposed to be.

The Green Mile really represents the poor and vulnerable with all the people in the prison. Paul does everything he can to John, who has less than everyone else and, on death row, in a very vulnerable state. John Coffey also shows it when he helps the vulnerable such as Paul, the dead mouse, and the warden’s seriously sick wife. The movie gives us an enlightened view on how we should treat those less fortunate than us.

Work is presented in this film very differently from others. All the guards share a connection with one and other and are all religious besides Percy. The show their faith and beliefs during work too. They don’t treat Percy well only because of the way he treats others and how he does not respect what he is doing.

I think this is one of the best movies out there to show Solidarity. Paul is a great example throughout the movie when he makes his connection with John Coffey. Paul does what he thinks is right by God when doing anything and brings it over in work. John is also an example of solidarity when he heals people. He is doing his call by God and using his gif from God to help people in need. He never thinks anything of it and never wants any credit. He is humble and just wants to share his gift to God’s creation. This movie represents solidarity because it gives us a deeper understanding of we should act as Christian people.

Paul really cared for God’s creation even though many times he was the one to end their lives. He thought he was going to hell when he had to kill John Coffey. John cared for everything. He brought the mouse back to life after Percy killed it. John also helped all the people and took in their pain.

2. John Coffey’s life really resembles that of Jesus Christ. In one, both initials are J.C. which first shows the connection. Then, John is convicted of a crime he did not commit just like Jesus. They are both prosecuted unfairly and judged poorly. Then they are both sentenced to death and are executed. Also, John had healing powers that of Jesus. He didn’t use them for



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