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Green Mile

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John Coffey is similar to many different figures. John Coffey worked miracles just like Jesus. John suffered racism like Uncle Tom. John Coffey was a person of total goodness just like Siddhartha. John Coffey was one of God's great gifts you could say.

John Coffey had many great qualities like Siddhartha. John Coffey never judged people. Both Siddhartha and John were very genuine to others. John had a pure heart and wanted to share his gift of being able to bring people back from the dead and being able to heal them. Siddhartha wanted share his gift and get to know people through his travels.

Even though slavery did not exist any more, there still was racism towards African Americans. Uncle Tom and John are both black men who were working for the good of others. Tom was a slave and so was John but they put that behind them so they could let others know they were worth more then just their labor. These two men lived their lives with the goal of helping others.

We have always thought that no one but Jesus could work miracles, but Green Mile is also a story of miracles. When Jesus was alive he performed many miracles as did John Coffey when he was on the Green Mile. During both of these men's lives they were out to help everyone. The main thing that these two men did was work miracles to bring people back from an illness or even the dead. These men were two of the best miracle workers and people would remember it for a while.

Above are four men who made a great impression on the world. John was as genuine as Siddhartha. John was also a victim like Uncle Tom. John worked miracles like Jesus. These men were out to help and be kind to the people they met.



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