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The Godfather: Power

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People have many different dreams, and many different ingredients for happiness. Some people relay on love, others lean towards money, it may be achieved through money, relationships, or even the misfortune of others, but why does power have the persuasion to change a person and what drives them to gain more?

Mario Puzo, the author of "The Godfather" does an excellent job of showing the many outcomes that power has on people. He writes about Don Corleone, the head of the Corleone family whom has unlimited power and influence throughout the east coast, yet he remains a respected business man and negotiates with his pupils rather than command them. "Don Corleone was a man to whom everybody came to for was not important that you had no means to repay was only required that you proclaim your friendship." He believed in good ties, and solid relationships. He used his power to advance his loved one's happiness.

On the other hand, his rival, Solozzo, uses his power to strong-arm his followers and reign terror upon his foes. He relies on his allies for support and wields that power to pursued others to help him. "Sonny will come after you with everything he's got...You gotta talk some sense into him, the Tattalgia Family stands behind me with all their people."

What is the deciding factor for one's outcome as a result of power? Some think it is like a drug that seems to addict people, they constantly crave more. This would explain why people act so selfishly in order to acquire it. But is power a purely greedy emotion?

For Don Corleone, it has brought out generosity and charity. He does favors for others, not expecting any in return. As a result of this he has obtained many new life long friends. I believe that the Don was a very giving man before he had his power.

When analyzing these two characters you tend to see that Don Corleone has had strong morals throughout his life, morals that he will stick to. Solozzo is a hard headed and stubborn man, who does not have respectable values. These traits could play a large part on how greed changes a person.

In Conclusion, I believe that Mario Puzo wants his readers to learn about the misuses of power. It is an incredibly strong force that can bring out the worst. Having power can impair your judgement and disillusion your goals.



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