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The Gender Roles of Different Generations

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Essay Preview: The Gender Roles of Different Generations

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There are both many physical and social differences between the male and female gender. In society, both men and women have different roles, which help classify and distinguish each gender. The role that each gender plays has a huge effect on their status or rank in society. Also, physical appearance of the genders plays an important role in distinguishing the importance in society. For example, an attractive woman with a good education is more vulnerable to get a high placement job than an unattractive woman with the same level of education. To demonstrate the different views between two different generations, two interviews were conducted. Mr. Boris Brown and his only son Mr. Yevgeniy Brown were interviewed.

Mr. Boris Brown had a slightly different opinion then his son. Boris felt that school was extremely important. In the Soviet Union you had to achieve a high carrier status in society to be viewed as a respectable person. Dating and going out with friends was accepted from a young age. Smoking and drinking was somewhat accepted; this might be because it was viewed differently in the Soviet Union then it is in the U.S. Even though things such as smoking were more accepted in the Soviet Union it was very uncommon for kids to go against their parents, parenting was still very strict, even though many things were liberal. Mr. Boris Brown believed that "The belt is always proper." He felt that children learn through pain and maybe next time they won't do anything bad, therefore not having to face the consequences.

On the other hand Mr. Yevgeniy Brown set different goals, he wanted to get married and start a family. Unfortunately because of his early marriage most of his career aspirations had to be put on hold in order to take care of his family. Mr. Yevgeniy Brown raised his son Oleg Brown based on his experiences as a child. Oleg was raised in Ukraine up until the age of 7. In Ukraine, school was very important and Oleg was punished for bad grades. His parents had high expectations of him and felt that Oleg should work to the best of his ability. However at the age of 7 Mr.Yevgeniy Brown moved his family to the U.S. Once settled in the U.S. things started to change, grades were no longer treated as they were back in Ukraine. After witnessing how American parents reacted to their children's bad grades Mr. Brown decided that he should be easier on his son. When Oleg grew up going out and everything in general was liberal; Oleg usually didn't even have to ask for permission to go anywhere. Luckily for Oleg's parents he felt obligated to tell them where he was going in order for them not to worry.

In regards to child raising Mr. Yevgeniy Brown and Mr. Boris Brown have many similar views. They both strived to



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