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The Garden Case

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Many people around the world take what they have for granted. This is a story about a 14 acres land in downtown Los Angeles. Around 64 families cultivate food in the organic community garden. Unhappily the owner of the land decided to evict the farmers and abolish the garden, in order to build storage warehouses and soccer fields. The farmers have 16 days to collect 16 million dollars, which they collect it. After everything they went through, even collecting the money, the owner of the land decided not to keep his promise, which was if they raised the money he would give the land away, and eliminated the lawn regardless.

The land was sold by its owner to the agriculture department for 5 million dollars and then was vended to him for 16 million dollars, which cause the inconvenient.

Both, the owner and the farmers have the right to have the land; because, in case of the owner, it is his land and he wants to use it in divergent way. On the other hand, the farmers also have the right to keep it because the have fixed, labored, and lived in it; which led them to have food and jobs by producing cuisine.

Farmers have the right to have the land since they are born and raised on the property they will work for the rest of their lives. They learn to love their land and care for it. Farmers wake up every day, early in the morning to work on their land so it could be a good and fertile land, after it will produce good crops, which later will be sold to make a living out of it.

The owner has the right to the land because all his life he has worked and saved money for his goal, which is to buy a property of land.

The farmers have the right to the land as long as the do not take advantage of it, which means, sell their harvest to other people that its not authorize to buy. Instead, the owner does not deserve the land if he wants to use it for something that is not going to benefit neighborhood areas.

In 2006 the garden was demolished. Nowadays the lawn remains with only dirt. It was better to have the garden because; it not only helped the community and people but also the environment. It was a green plot in the middle of a rural location.

This story reminds us of the problems (governmental issues) that are happening in countries like Venezuela. People have lost their farms and lands because of a law that was created by the government. When protests are being made in Caracas, the military



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