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The Future of Industrial Civilization

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Essay Preview: The Future of Industrial Civilization

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The Future of Industrial Civilization

Industry as defined by most people is a set of technologies which when combined together will serve to make human lives a lot easier. It began during early eighteenth century when the industrial revolution took place. Today, industrial civilization is almost everywhere. It makes the world a so much better place to live that nobody could ever imagine what our world would be like without industrial civilization. A lot of people benefits from industrialization and these people agree that industrialization will have a very promising future. I am one of them. Nevertheless, there are still people who do not realize the fact that industrial civilization is good for our world. There are a lot of reasons why industry has never stopped developing. Some of the reasons are human lives is miserable without industry and industry has no limit.

Firstly, the world that we are living in today was nothing like if it was not for industry. When you look around, everything that you see is a product of industrial civilization, from your laptops and your cars to your clothes and your beds. If these stuffs were to be made one by one, you were definitely not happy to hear the prices, but after industrial revolution the massive production was made possible. Before that, everything was very limited, and when it was limited, it was expensive. With all the comforts that we have today, we clearly know that we need industry for the rest of our lives. Since industry is created and controlled by human beings, and it is one of the humans' needs, it will exist forever. In other words, it will not vanish before human beings do. It will become better indeed. With human intelligence and creativity, together with human needs, industry keeps getting better in every aspect. For instance, about two hundred years ago, steel manufacture was way harder than it is today and that is only one of the millions of examples. The point that I am trying to make here is that humanity needs industry, and industry will exist as long as it stays that way and of course it is going to stay that way because it does not make any sense if today industry is making our world easy but we are getting rid of it in the future. Therefore, industrial civilization will have a very bright future.

Secondly, the development of industry has no limit. Two hundred years ago, nobody thought that industry could be really developed as it is today. It is just the matter of finding and learning new knowledge because industry



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