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The Dog Case

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Essay Preview: The Dog Case

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Pat Collins

-Reclaiming the vision

Freedom for black people is an existential question that is a deep cultural norm in African American politics. It is not only a political issue but also a body issue because of slavery. When the slaves were finally physically free the Jim Crow laws politically help them back from claiming rights. Thus "freedom struggle, critical education and knowledge" are all interconnected.

Professor Collins criticizes education as promoting intellectual slavery. Interestingly enough in my politics and education class the same notion is seen. Education has been shaped by Neoliberalism, which just reproduces the status quota. Education is controlled by the problem of learnification, which promotes competition and takes away from the community within the classroom. This neoliberal state takes away the idea of the individual to step out of the norm and to question the standards in order to keep our society and norms changing. She agrees that education does not promote emancipatory knowledge and the idea of knowledge to transform and alternate the world's manner of thinking. This is an essential idea for black freedom struggles. Education was seen as a way to get rid of colorblind racism. There is language that evokes racial meaning without using a racial term.



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